You've committed to Augustana. Now what?

Patti Grod
Patti Grod
February 18, 吉林11选五号码走势图

Congratulations! You've committed to Augustana College吉林11选五号码走势图 and made your tuition deposit. Although you still have several months before you embark on this new adventure of college, here are some things you can do to stay excited about your decision and Augustana!


1. Connect with other students

To start getting to know your future classmates, the first step might be to join the Augustana College吉林11选五号码走势图 Class of 2024 Students Facebook group. You can submit a post introducing yourself (name, 吉林11选五号码走势图town, potential majors/minors, interest, social media, etc.). This is a great way to start making connections so that when you come to campus in August, you recognize a few familiar faces. 

Connecting with other students before move-in day also leaves you with the opportunity to find a roommate, if you don’t want to go random. Throughout the summer, stay active on your social media accounts and post about your excitement about your college decision! 

2. Pick your orientation date / plan a campus visit

Early on in the summer, you’ll come to campus to attend Orientation & Registration for first-year students. Here, you’ll meet with your assigned faculty advisor as well as other students in your group. To prepare for orientation, start thinking about which day you’d like to sign up for, as well as what an ideal class schedule might look like for you. 

If you’re anxious to visit campus before Orientation & Registration, you can always schedule and plan a campus visit anytime! This will allow you to get familiar with the academic buildings, location of dorms, as well as a better feel of the 吉林11选五号码走势图! 

3. Purchase Augustana apparel

What better way to start getting 吉林11选五号码走势图 spirit than purchasing and wearing Augustana College吉林11选五号码走势图 gear? The e is a great place to look for and purchase apparel. 

They offer a multitude of items from shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stickers, to car decals. If you are planning to have a high 吉林11选五号码走势图 graduation party, make your decorations Augustana themed by using blue and gold colors. Visit the Augustana Bound website to download logos and other grad party goodies. 

4. Find activities or groups to get involved with on campus

Augustana offers hundreds of clubs and organizations that meet the interests of the students. Start thinking about what you might want to get involved in on campus! Read up on Student Life at Augustana learn more details about the different on-campus groups. 

If you don’t find a group or organization that sparks your interests, it’s very easy to start a new one. Already having ideas of how you would like to be involved on campus is a great stress reliever and can make the transition from high 吉林11选五号码走势图 to college a bit easier.

5. Enjoy your summer!

Going away to college is a very exciting thing, and we know how much you’re looking forward to embarking on this new adventure. But most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your summer break! 

Spend lots of time with your family and high 吉林11选五号码走势图 friends. Try to travel as much as you can and go on new adventures. Enjoy all the days where you get to sleep in. And of course, soak up as much sun as you can and enjoy the weather! 

Patti Grod
Patti Grod

Patti is originally from Northbrook, IL, but her family has recently relocated to Henderson, NV. She's currently a senior (class of 吉林11选五号码走势图) majoring in communication studies and French, with a minor in entertainment and media studies. Her dream job would be to work in the entertainment public relations industry, specifically with music. She's currently applying for jobs at PR agencies around the country吉林11选五号码走势图. Outside of academics, she's a member of the varsity swim team, director of PR and marketing for HerCampus, and a member of the Delta Chi Theta sorority.